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Brazilian Butt Lift

Five Important Questions to Ask Before a Brazilian Butt Lift

December 11, 2020
Brazilian Butt Lift

Also known as gluteoplasty, Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is at present one of the most asked for cosmetic treatments. It aims at artfully and meticulously sculpting your buttocks – changing their shape, size, and volume, using your own body fat.

The chief benefit of the Brazilian butt lift is that it not only makes the buttocks fuller but also reduces the areas that have excessive fat or may look good when trimmer. Most of the patients consider extracting fat from the waist and tummy, thus, end up having curves in the right places.

Questions to Ask before a Brazilian Butt Lift

The excess fat is taken out from certain areas of the body through liposuction and then inserted into the buttocks so that they look plumper and well-rounded. Mentioned below are a couple of questions you must ask if planning on undertaking Brazilian butt lift. Please check them out now.

1.Why get BBL instead of Implants?

The experts carrying out Brazilian butt lift in Fairfax VA said the difference between BBL and implants lies on the fat a body has. With the former, there are few complications. Also, due to liposuction, your buttocks achieve a lot more lift. The fat is extracted from your own body, so, there is no chance of contamination. The fat settles down in specific places seamlessly.

2. Is Losing or Gaining Weight Necessary?

While it varies from one person to another, for a BBL surgery, you must be a couple of pounds over your desired weight. The important thing is that once you have gained weight before the Brazilian butt lift, you must put enough effort to maintain the same weight afterwards. Or else, your buttocks will sag and your entire appearance will look far from aesthetic.

3. How Safe is BBL?

Brazilian butt lift is quite safe, hence, has impressed a major segment of the population. The success rates are high, but you still need to be aware of certain risks like a blood clot, anaemia, fat embolism, etc. The safety quotient increases when you make sure to get the surgery done from a board-certified practitioner, who assures an optimal outcome under all circumstances.

4. How much Scarring is Expected?

There will be tiny scars, approximately 4mm long, around the abdominal area and the buttocks. Sometimes the scars raise or darken, but, they do vanish when your body starts healing. You may apply the scar management gels found in the market. They contain Vitamin E and silicone, both of which help you get your previous skin tone back.

5. How Long the Results Last?

The fat inserted into the buttocks is a graft, similar to skin grafts. A skin graft does not disappear, and neither will this fat. BBL is a long-lasting treatment. Studies have shown that at least 55% of the injected fat stays in the area, and the rest of the body absorbs the remaining 45%.

The renowned plastic surgeon in Fairfax said Brazilian butt lift is the best way to acquire a breathtaking hourglass silhouette. You are considered a good candidate in case you are overweight and failed to lose weight through exercise; your butt sagged because you lost a substantial amount of weight, or you are unhappy with the shape of the buttocks.

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