Breast Reduction

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Here’s a Summary of the Procedure Below.


The goal of breast reduction surgery is to reduce breast volume and lift them back up on the chest wall.

Characteristics of the ideal candidate include:

  • Good general health
  • Suffers from chronic pain in the back, neck, and/or shoulders
  • Tends to have large, droopy (ptotic) breasts

Before and After Photos


During surgery, the excess volume is removed. Breasts are lifted back up on the chest wall. A meticulous layered closure is then performed. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts 3 hours on average. This is an outpatient procedure, meaning patients typically go home on the same day.


Plan to take at least one week off for recovery. No heavy lifting, swimming, or wearing underwires for at least 6 weeks following surgery.

Patients are prescribed pain medications, though most patients are off these medications after 1 week. Scars continue to fade up to 1 year (and sometimes 2 years) after surgery.


We appreciate patients who do their homework. Here are a few trustworthy resources on breast reduction.

  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has resource pages explaining each procedure. Click here for information for information about breast reduction (Breast Reduction | American Society of Plastic Surgeons ( You can also receive a handbook on the procedure by clicking here (Breast Reduction Handbook | ASPS (
  • Dr. Regina Nouhan hosts a bi-monthly podcast, Plastic Surgery Decoded, to help patients learn more about procedures. Click here for the episode on Breast Reduction (Breast Reduction – Episode 9 — ReginaNouhan-MD).
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