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How Long Will Botox Last? Consider Six Factors

August 14, 2020

From among all the anti-aging cosmetic treatments that the modern-day individuals opt for Botox managed to attain the maximum popularity. It paralyzes the facial muscles to eliminate the wrinkles, creases, fine lines, and crow’s feet.

The effects of Botox last somewhere between 3 and 6 months. The human body produces brand-new neurotransmitters, which neutralizes the muscle inhibition gradually, and they start sagging again.

There are other factors of course that determine how long Botox will last. For example, the metabolism of an individual. His or her exclusive body chemistry processes the medication on its own timeframe. Continue reading to know more.

  1. The Amount Injected

The experts carrying out cosmetic surgery Fairfax VA for a couple of decades now said there is nothing like one-size-fits-all approach. The amount of Botox injected depends on your muscle strength, bulk, and activity. The larger ones obviously need more Botox. And the more the Botox, the longer it will stay.

2. Depth and Size of Wrinkles

The people suffering from superficial lines obviously enjoy Botox for a longer time. They do not come around with the slightest trigger. The same unfortunately cannot be said about deep wrinkles and thick scowls. You may get rid of them but they always have a tendency to show up.

3. Treated Area

Studies have shown that the forehead and the area in between the eyebrows hold onto the amazing benefits of Botox. The cheeks are subjected to sun’s rays, washing, exfoliation, etc., so they become loose quickly. The skin around the mouth is extremely thin, thus, vulnerable to even most minor things.

4. Botox Quality

Botox is known for being sensitive to high temperatures and excess agitation. The providers need to keep the supplies inside a refrigerator so they remain fresh or retain their quality without any hassle. Remember, by storing Botox properly, you are enhancing its effectiveness.

5. Skill of the Practitioner

Botox works efficiently when injected with utmost caution. The best practitioner target your muscles accurately, and administer the medication at one go for desired outcome. He or she is thoroughly acquainted with the dosage and knows a little less or a little more can drastically change your appearance.

6. Facial Expressions

Stop that frown right now. The people who do not use their face to express their emotions are considered ideal candidates for Botox. The result will start wearing off if you are immensely animated with your facial expressions.

How to know if a touchup is necessary? The experts performing Botox in Fairfax VA said the muscles start moving, and wrinkles emerge here and there. Do not allow the latter to deepen and run to a clinic right away.

Implementing the aftercare tips diligently escalate the duration of the results to a great extent. Restrain from touching the face for the first 24 hours. Let the medication settle down otherwise it will spread to other parts and cause nerve damage.

Avoid taking hot baths or showers under all circumstances. Also, try enduring the mild discomfort rather than consuming Advil or Tylenol because they increase the chances of internal bleeding.

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