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How to Take Care of the Skin Post 30: A Beginner’s Guide

September 6, 2021

Age is accompanied by wisdom, experience, and a plethora of skin problems. When you grow old, the healing capacity of your skin along with the cell turnover ratio depreciates. Thus, it becomes all the more necessary to care for it.

The following write-up specifies almost everything your skin goes through after you turn thirty and how exactly can you preserve its health.

What Happens to the Skin Post 30?

• Starts Drying- Even when your skin was perfectly fine in the past, there is a high chance that it will start drying and become flaky post 30. When you age, your skin produces less sebum.

• Looks Dull- According to the experts providing facial plastic surgery Fairfax VA, after a particular age, the dead skin cells accumulate on the topmost part of the skin, compelling it to look dull or reduces its radiance.

• Telltale Signs of Aging- The skin is made of proteins that contribute to its strength and elasticity. Post 30, the production of the proteins slows down, which in turn results in the emergence of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, creases, folds, etc.

• Jawline Acne- Hormonal alterations during 30s can cause excessive jawline acne. The release of androgens spike up the sebum content, which is responsible for the breakouts.

• Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes- When you approach the 30s, you may notice dark circles inflamed under eyes. This is due to a sudden drop in the elastin and collagen in the skin.

How to Maintain Skin’s Health Post 30?

• Adhere to a Balanced Diet- The professionals performing Chevy Chase plastic surgery, eating healthy, water-based foods can keep the skin young looking. Adhering to a low-carb diet can enhance the overall texture of the skin.

• Exfoliation is the Key- Exfoliating the skin can eliminate the dead skin cells to a great extent. This process does expose the brand-new, healthy cells that make the face appear clearer and smoother.

• Moisturize Regularly- Moisturizing the skin makes skin brighter as well as softer. Using a barrier-repair lotion can inflict the damage caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun.

• Sunscreen is Must- Sunscreens are significant, regardless of the age. UV damage leads to elastin and collagen damage that manifests itself as telltale signs of aging post 30.

• Exercise- Exercising is incredibly beneficial to keep the skin looking healthy as well as young. Take out at least an hour each day to practice yoga, go swimming, or hit the gymnasium.

• Sleep for Eight Hours at Night- Make sure to sleep at least eight hours at night without any sort of interruption. Sleep plays an important role in how glowing and fresh your skin seems.

• Invest in Anti-Aging Creams- While Botox Chevy Chase or other cosmetic treatments help, if your wrinkles, lines, etc. are minor, you can invest in an anti-aging cream. Retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A that have been used in dermatology since time immemorial.

You can experience varied changes and acquire more responsibilities when you grow old. All that running around, lifestyle changes, and substantial years of UV exposure shows up on the skin. Always remember change is constant, and so must be your beauty regimen.

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