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Breast Reduction

Know the Cosmetic Treatments for Visually Appealing Breasts

February 5, 2021
Breast Reduction in Newport Beach

From among all the features that the women wish to highlight in their body, breasts somehow top the list. Rounder, perkier, and firmer breasts can after all spice up even the most ordinary appearances. If you are not naturally blessed with visually appealing breasts, you may consider going under the knife. Some of the cosmetic treatments dedicated for the purpose include:

Breast Augmentation

The experts performing breast augmentation Rockville said breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty enhances the size, appearance, and contour of your breasts.

Women opt for breast augmentation for multiple different reasons. Some feel their breasts are excessively small and they feel underconfident because of them. Some believe their breasts have sagged after pregnancy. Others feel their breasts are asymmetrical.

Silicone or saline implants are placed beneath the chest muscle or on top of the chest muscle. The surgeon makes an incision in the armpit, around the nipples, and in the lower breast fold.

In general, breast augmentation procedures are minimally invasive. But, you may expect few risks. Review them along with the benefits and alternatives.

Breast Lift

In many women, the skin is not resilient or strong enough to assist the weight of their breasts. The breasts thus sag, or in other words, there is lot of hanging tissues. Breast lift or mastopexy aims at removing the tissues. The practitioner implements either of the below-mentioned techniques:

• Le Jeour- The incision is made around the areola and it goes down.
• Wise Pattern- The incision has the shape of the anchor. It goes around the chest and below it.
• Peri-Areolar or Donut- The incision is only around the areola.

Breast lift involves permanent scarring to a great extent. The topical anesthetic gels available in the market can minimize the appearance of the scars.

Breast Reduction

The professionals offering breast reduction surgery Fairfax VA for quite some time now said it helps women with heavy and large breasts, which lead to neck pain, back pain, weakness, and numbness. During this treatment, excess fat, skin, and tissues are removed. Post reduction, most women admitted getting relieved from the symptoms caused by huge breasts.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is ideal for women who have undergone mastectomy because of breast cancer. It recreates breasts with desired texture, contour, volume, and appearance. The nipples and areolas are recreated also. Normal sensation and function like nursing do not return. This is because milk glands or sensory nerves are removed or significantly traumatized.

Breast reconstruction has no such effect on the recurrence of breast cancer, and it does not affect cancer surveillance too. However, women have to go through comprehensive physical examinations and follow-up sessions.

If you wish to go through any of the procedure stated above, please schedule appointment with someone board-certified. The breast surgeon Fairfax acquired widespread popularity since they can successfully create breasts that not only look attractive but also function in a seamless manner. Practice aftercare with diligence or your effects that you have achieved with so much effort may diminish within a short period.

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