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Top Secrets to Award Yourself With Amazing Christmas Look!

December 20, 2019

Jingle bells are ringing!! The snowy roads and the chilled breeze…all are ready to wish you a merry Christmas. But are you among them who are still searching for the keys to look flawless on this special day?  

Starting from the home remedies from granny’s old book to over the counter aesthetic products, have you tried them all but unable to avail the expected results? Well, your search ends here with this post! It talks about two practical ways that will help you in experiencing the bliss of being gorgeous. One of them is dermal fillers Woodbridge or that of any other region and the other is… keep reading to reveal the secret!!! 

Dermal Fillers- Get Ready to Swim Against the Stream by Challenging the Signs of Aging 

Do you miss your sweet sixteen’s look? Do those wrinkle and facial lines trouble you like anything? Well, the days of unhappiness are gone! With the help of non-invasive treatment like dermal fillers, you can now get back your youthfulness effortlessly. 

This treatment is gaining tremendous popularity these days. Recent statistics show that more than 55% of women in the U.S alone go for dermal filler treatment. This list includes the silver screen names like Kardashian sisters as well!! The satisfaction rate is 98%. Doesn’t it sound amazing?  

How Does it Work? 

With the natural process of aging, our face begins to lose the hypodermic fat. Since the face loses the mitigating effect of the hypodermic tissue, the facial muscles tend to lose its tightness. Eventually, this results in wrinkles and fine lines. 

Apart from aging, some other factors like quality of the skin,  sun exposure, and heredity also cause the signs of aging.   

The fillers are tiny gel injections that contain hyaluronic acid. This is extremely effective in adding volume to the hypodermic tissues of the human face. 

While rendering the treatment, the doctor injects the filler into the facial skin. Typically, the specialist injects these fillers in the cheeks, around the eyes, jawline and mouth.  Sometimes, it can be injected directly on the lip tissues depending on the patient’s requirements.  It helps in filling the wrinkles or the fine lines of the face and gain a youthful, rejuvenated look. 

The Science Behind the Therapy 

With increasing age, our body fails to produce enough amount of elastin and collagen, the primary contributors to producing youthfulness. Do we know, every year the production of the stated types of protein decreases by 2%? Moreover, the process can start as soon as you step into your late 20s. 

With the help of fillers, you can recover the loss, and naturally, your skin starts to look rejuvenated. 

How Long Do the Fillers Last 

Well, it depends on the quality of the hyaluronic acid and the addictiveness of the body to the same. Typically, it lasts around six-eighteen months.  

Do They Have Side Effects? 

It’s a basic nature of the patients availing filler therapy to get confused between the reactions and the side effects. So, it’s better to talk about the reactions. This process has hardly received complaint related to the side-effects. The reactions can include redness, swelling and tenderness, which disappear within a few days after availing the treatment. 

Now, when we’ve come to know the secret of skin rejuvenation, let’s find out something that can make you look even more attractive by eliminating problems like double chin and more.  

And, here we introduce the neck lift surgery! Keep reading to know more!! 

What is a Neck Lift Surgery? 

Known as lower rhytidectomy in the medical terms, this aesthetic surgical procedure helps in eliminating the ornery fats from the jawline and neck. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, then this treatment is ideal for you!! 

  • Droopy neck skin 
  • Excess fat under the chin, causing a double chin 
  • Muscle banding under the neck 
  • Excess fat in the lower facial area 

How Does it Work? 

This procedure involves general anesthesia, and it’s a bit time taking process. The specialist makes small incisions around the ears and chin.  Then he/she takes out the excess fat/skin from the dedicated area and lifts the muscles.  

However, you should be quite a careful while choosing the plastic surgery clinic for neck lift Fairfax VA, since it’s quite a delicate process. Leaving the job in the wrong hands can produce devastating results. 

So, don’t delay and schedule an appointment with the best plastic surgery clinic near to you at the earliest! Definitely, you’re going to rock the Christmas party this year!! 


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