Top Seven Areas that May Benefit from Botox Injections

Botulinum Toxin Type A, commonly known as Botox, could be defined as an injectable drug that temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles, and provides utmost relief from the telltale signs of aging. Apart from the cheeks, which sink or weaken quite easily, a few other areas that can benefit from Botox are mentioned below. Please check them out right now.

Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles are the horizontal creases that develop on top of your face and move in accordance with your expressions. They are perhaps the foremost signs that you are growing old and can be quite tough to conceal. No amount of foundation will work. So, target them with Botox as soon as possible.

Frown Lines

The experts offering quality yet affordable treatments of Botox Fairfax VA said frown lines appear in between the eyebrows and deepen over time. You can prevent the frown lines from being less pronounced by not frowning when angry, upset, or tired. Yes, it may seem challenging, but better than looking old, right?

Cords or Neck Bands

You will start noticing cords or bands in your neck after you celebrate your thirtieth birthday. This occurs as the platysma muscles droop down. Injecting Botox can compel the muscles to calm down in absolutely no time, and the bands become less visible with each passing day. Botox can be used for relaxing the muscles that cause the jawline to be distorted.

Saggy Eyebrows

The experts performing Botox and breast augmentation in Alexandria said saggy eyebrows could be treated non-surgically. A brow lift is not always necessary. Botox, when administered in the right dosage, relaxes the muscles that pull down the eyebrows. Get rid of an exhausting appearance and vision problems right now.

Bunny Lines

The doctors usually rely on OTC medications than FDA approved treatments for addressing the bunny lines that develop on both the sides of the nose when you pucker it. These lines can spread from the nose and reach the lower eyelid forcing you to look older than you are. Well, request the doctor to use Botox, which will avoid the undesirable effects of the facial muscles.

Marionette Lines

Marionette lines extend from the mouth’s corners and reach the jawline. Often the mouth will droop down. A small amount of Botox can fix this particular issue within a short period. The arrangement of the muscles in the lower half of the face makes the procedure a tad bit challenging. The doctor must have a complete understanding of how the muscles work, and only then will he or she be able to generate an agreeable experience.

Smoker’s Lines

You do not have to smoke cigarettes for getting smoker’s lines, also known as perioral lines. These appear if you have a habit of pursing the lips and fanning out the surrounding skin. A small quantity of Botox injected by a profoundly knowledgeable doctor will resolve the condition. Implementing the wrong technique may twist the lips.

To hold onto the youth for a prolonged period, the individuals must get Botox done from a proficient, experienced and reliable practitioner. The ones offering facial plastic surgery in Chevy Chase MD are considered the best because they are aware of the current trends as well as safety protocols. Carry out a background check before finalizing the appointment.

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