One-on-One Interaction with Dr. Azra Ashraf: Board-Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

The following post explores the highlights of an interview session with North Virginia’s top plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Azra Ashraf. She informed us about the latest advancements in plastic surgery and how they are capable of helping you look beautiful yet natural. Please continue reading till the end.


Areas of Focus

Nicholas, the host, introduced Dr. Azra Ashraf as one of the top plastic surgeons in California and a provider of various effective procedures – procedures that enhance one’s appearance and escalate their self-confidence levels to a great extent. He further asked Dr. Azra to specify which procedures she tends to focus on.


Dr. Azra Ashraf replied that although she is trained in plastic surgery’s overall scope, she primarily concentrates on women’s well-being. She enjoys performing breast reconstruction, augmentation, lifts, and reduction. She also offers a comprehensive range of body contouring solutions.


Vision and Goal

Panache Plastic Surgery has been an immensely successful operation. Nicholas asked Dr. Azra about her vision when she started this practice or what goals she wished to accomplish.

Dr. Azra Ashraf said she wanted to help people. She had fellowship training in breast reconstruction and aesthetics, so that was her initial goal behind Panache Plastic Surgery, but she also cared for patients with lacerations, burns, and complex plastic surgery wounds.

She also tended to cosmetic patients – patients who wished to get their tummy flattened or change the shape of their arms (Brachioplasty), etc. Dr. Azra believes she was fortunate enough to carry out the full plastic surgery facility.


Advancements in Plastic Surgery

Nicholas stated that the vast field of plastic surgery had seen multiple advancements over the past couple of years. He asked Dr. Azra Ashraf to discuss a few of these new procedures and how a patient can expect to benefit from her plastic surgery center.

Dr. Azra Ashraf started with the short scar reduction procedure. No one likes having visually unappealing marks on their body or face post-treatment, and Dr. Azra and her team can largely minimize scarring. Dr. Azra further talked about the less invasive skin care options involving lasers. She combines invasive and non-invasive procedures for a better outcome.


How are the Procedures performed at Panache Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Azra Ashraf, one of the leading female plastic surgeons, said that breast procedures and abdominoplasty have a lot of complications. Hence, they are performed in an operating room under anesthesia. She said she prioritizes patient safety and does not go for shortcuts.

Dr. Azra’s credibility is reflected when she said that she does not operate the patients who she feels do not have proper health. The non-invasive ones like Botox, peels, Dysport, topical skincare, etc., do not require any particular setting.


What Sort of Result May Patients Expect?

According to Dr. Azra Ashraf, all the patients are happy and coming back for more procedures, even referring her to others. The readers may see the interview to know about some patient testimonials – why they came to Dr. Azra Ashraf, their experience, and how Dr. Azra helped them.

Nicholas rightly said that Dr. Azra Ashraf put all her clients at ease, or in other words, make sure they are comfortable throughout the treatment.


What Makes Dr. Azra Ashraf Unique?

Dr. Azra Ashraf feels her personal experiences and bedside manners separate her from other physicians, besides obviously the technical expertise. Not only Dr. Azra exhibits her precision in the OR, but she is there during the post-op or recovery period. Nicholas admired her patient-centric approach saying it is quite impressive in today’s medical sector.


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