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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Going for a Breast Augmentation

December 2, 2019

Women, who are unfortunately not well endowed with volume and form on their breast, augmentation mammoplasty, a cosmetic treatment that aims at making breasts rounder, perkier, smoother, and altogether more aesthetically appealing, seems like a viable option. If you have decided to go under the knife, make sure to avoid the below-mentioned mistakes under all circumstances. Remember these pave the way for some minor and some extremely serious problems.

  • The Motive is Wrong

According to the experts carrying out Alexandria plastic surgery, the biggest mistake that anybody can commit is altering a part of their body just to impress someone else. There are varied sensible reasons for which women plan on undertaking breast augmentation. Some wish to spice up their image post-childbirth, while others think it could fix breast asymmetry, a result of mastectomy.

  • Failing to Choose a Proper Surgeon

The outcome of breast augmentation depends entirely on the proficiency of a surgeon; hence, choosing a proper one is mandatory. Prior to scheduling an appointment, conduct a thorough background check, and see if the concerned practitioner is honest, empathetic, interactive, persistent, and accessible.

  • Forgetting to Ask the Important Questions

Breast augmentation is a serious surgical procedure; hence, you must not take things lightly especially during the initial consultation. The surgeon will inform about both the benefits and reactions. You must not forget to ask certain important questions. Write them down, if needed. Well, major ones among the lot include:

  1. Is your facility accredited?
  2. What would be the size and shape of the incision?
  3. Are there any possible complications?
  4. May I see some of your previous work, the before and after images?
  5. What result should I expect?
  6. What will be the recovery period like?
  • Not Making Sure if You are Good Candidate

The excitement or intimidation of getting breast implants must not cloud your judgment of asking the surgeon whether or not you are a good candidate for augmentation mammoplasty. Apart from being healthy and not having any sort of active infections, a woman must go through the said surgery only if their breasts are saggy, disproportionate, flat, elongated, or lack enough volume. 

  • Selecting the Wrong Size

Most women want bigger implants, but you must choose a size that is compatible with your body shape. Overdoing it can cause disastrous results, and hamper your wellbeing to a great extent. Big breasts cause neck, back, and arm pain, friction rash, headache, curvature of the spine, and lumps in the skin fold.

  • Selecting the Wrong Kind of Implant

You must pay attention when selecting between silicone and saline implants. You must consider the durability, outcome, and long term effects that these implants might have. Silicone breast implants are believed to be best because they feel and look natural.

  • Not Getting the Treated Breasts Sized

The top-notch professionals carrying out breast augmentation in Chevy Chase MD, and other noted locations emphasised on the significance of getting treated breasts sized for the new undergarments. Customise whatever you would be wearing as per your requirements and expectations, or in other words, make sure your breasts receive the necessary support.

Breast augmentation, believed to be the most popular plastic surgery, has helped a large number of women from all across the globe achieve a desirable physique, thus, largely escalated their self-confidence levels.

Even though patients admitted leading their normal lifestyle after one week or so, few side-effects that linger for long include inflammation, nipple sensitivity, bruises, and chest tightness. In case you experience further complications, contact the surgeon right away.

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