A Beginner’s Guide to Treating Turkey Neck

Turkey neck is the term people use to describe sagging and wrinkled neck, which is one of the major consequences of old age. It occurs when the neck muscles start weakening and when the skin encompassing the neck loses its suppleness or capacity to stay tight and stretch. The following write-up specifies a wide range of ways to treat turkey neck. Please check them out now.

Cosmetic Treatments

• Botox is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that hardly calls for any downtime. It paralyzes the muscular tissues temporarily to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, creases, and other tell-tale signs of aging. The results last for about four to five months. You must repeat the injections to preserve the skin’s firmness.

• The experts performing neck lift Fairfax VA said it can successfully smooth and tighten the neck skin. Recent studies suggested that neck lift is perhaps the most promising way of alleviating or removing the overall appearance of sagging skin. Look out for the recent trends and techniques.

• Laser treatment is known for producing mild to moderate outcome. Repeated sessions over four to six months are necessary for the best effects. The advantage is that there is no extensive healing period involved.


Regular exercises can build the neck muscles up. They also enhance blood circulation and provide the neck with a trimmer and tighter outlook. Many exercises claim to cure turkey neck but there are studies to evaluate whether or not these exercises actually work. There is no harm in trying though.

Forehead Push

• Place one of your hands on the forehead.
• Push the head against the hand but do not allow the head to move in the forward direction.
• Hold the position for ten seconds.
• Place both the hands behind the head and push backward with help of your neck and hold the position for ten seconds too.


• Lie on the bed and keep your head hanging just over the bed’s edge.
• Slowly and cautiously lift the head up as high possible using the neck muscles.
• Repeat this process for five times.
• Do not try this exercise if you experience pain.

Beauty Products

N-acetyl glucosamine is found in varied types of anti-aging and neck creams. There are researches suggesting that these creams can fix turkey neck by smoothing and firming the skin besides decreasing hyperpigmentation. In one survey, 52 women had admitted noticing improvements in neck appearances after using a cream with N-acetyl glucosamine for 16 weeks.

According to a renowned plastic surgeon in Chevy Chase MD, the outcome for someone with turkey neck is primarily dependent on what kind of treatment(s) they opted for. Exercises are least effective while medical procedures and surgeries are most effective. The creams mentioned above fall somewhere in between. There is a home remedy worth trying too.

Ingredients required include 1/3 cup of ground coffee, 1/3 cup of brown sugar, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon of powder, and two spoons of coconut oil. Mix everything together and use it to carefully scrub your neck and face for at least five minutes. Rinse the mixture off with lukewarm water.

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