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Brachioplasty, or arm lift, is one of our most requested procedures. Dr. Azra Ashraf sculpts the arms to achieve excellent contour for her patients.


Brachioplasty is a surgical procedure that tightens muscle and tissue in the upper arms while removing pockets of fat. Age and weight changes sometimes lead to a drooping appearance of the upper arms. Often, diet and exercise cannot correct this.


Characteristics of the ideal candidate include:


  • Good general health
  • Excess or drooping skin in the upper arms


This is an outpatient procedure that requires anesthesia. Dr. Ashraf will generally make an incision on the inside or back of the upper arm. The location, shape, and size of the incision are determined individually. Following the incision, excess fat is removed with liposuction. Dr. Ashraf then tightens tissue to improve contour, smoothes the skin, and stitches the incisions. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, she is an expert in contouring and stitching to minimize long-term scarring.


Dr. Ashraf provides detailed post-operative checklists to her surgical patients. Generally, she recommends that her patients do the following:


  • Plan to take at least one week off from work or regular routine for recovery—no heavy lifting or swimming for at least 6 weeks following surgery.
  • Monitor their health and prioritize weekly follow-up appointments for 4-6 weeks after surgery. Post-surgical follow-up appointments are critical.
  • Take all medications prescribed by Dr. Ashraf. Most patients are off these medications after 1 week.


Be patient with scars, which continue to fade up to 1 year (and sometimes 2 years) after surgery. Plastic surgeons are experts in minimizing scarring, but this natural process takes time.


We love patients who do their homework! Here are a few trustworthy resources on breast reduction:


  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is an excellent resource. Click here for information about brachioplasty.


Plastic surgeon Dr. Regina Nouhan hosts a bi-monthly podcast, Plastic Surgery Decoded, to help patients learn about procedures. Click here for her episode on brachioplasty.


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