Breast Surgery from Board-certified Surgeon Dr. Ashraf

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azra Ashraf offers a variety of breast surgical procedures including breast lift, augmentation, reconstruction, and reduction. Through these breast surgeries, she helps women to get natural-looking results.

Breast Surgical Procedures That Deliver Exceptional Results

Dr. Ashraf is a board-certified plastic surgeon committed to delivering the best outcome to her patients. Her primary goal is to ensure the patient’s safety and help them achieve natural-appearing results. Women who are unhappy with their breasts’ shape, size, and appearance should consider opting for breast surgery. Dr. Ashraf, one of the best and most reliable breast surgeons, is known for delivering exceptional results for a wide range of procedures such as breast lift, augmentation, and reduction, and this has become the hallmark of Dr. Azra Ashraf’s practice.

A Variety of Procedures

Dr. Azra Ashraf provides a variety of breast surgical procedures to address the diverse needs of her clients. She is one of the best breast surgeons in Orange County. Through breast augmentation surgery, she helps women improve their breast shape and size. She places breast implants such as saline or silicone under the chest muscles (pectoralis muscle) or under the breast gland (sub-glandular) to improve the fullness of the breast.


Dr. Ashraf also offers breast lifts to her clients. During the process, she reshapes and raises the breast of her patients, giving them a rounder and perkier look. In addition, she also reduces the size of the areola and removes the excess skin around the breast.


Women who want to alleviate postural issues and nagging back pain caused by overly large breasts can also consider visiting the most reliable breast plastic surgeon Dr. Azra Ashraf. Through her breast reduction surgery, she helps women to ease the discomfort related to large breasts and helps them to improve their self-image.
Through breast reconstruction, she reshapes the breast and helps women navigate the psychological impact of mastectomy. Studies demonstrate breast reconstruction improves overall patient well-being.


In addition to breast cancer-related reconstruction, she offers breast reduction surgery to women who want to improve excess skin, fat, and breast tissue. This allows her Orange County patients to alleviate back pain and improves their confidence.


Why Choose Dr. Ashraf

Dr. Azra Ashraf is known for her expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery and has emerged as one of the most sought-after breast surgeons in Orange Country. She has advanced training in breast aesthetics and microsurgery. She has excellent surgical skills and possesses a keen understanding of aesthetics. The combination of this allows her to help patients acquire the self-image that allows them to live their lives with panache.


Panache Plastic Surgery prides themselves in the efficient management of its patients that start from discussing the expectations to delivering the best results in Orange County. Dr. Azra Ashraf can deliver natural-looking, beautiful results to all women who seek to look and feel beautiful.


Book a consultation online to meet with the most experience and board-certified breast surgeon, Dr. Ashraf, in Orange County and learn how she can help you to obtain the best, most natural-looking, beautiful breasts through advanced breast enhancement procedures. You can also call us at (949) 877-7910 to book your consultation.