Breast Implants Surgery in Newport Beach, & Ontario, CA

Best Breast Surgery Using Implants from Board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ashraf

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azra Ashraf offers a variety of breast surgical procedures using breast implants  in Newport Beach, including breast lift, augmentation, reconstruction, and reduction. Through these breast surgeries, she helps women to get natural-looking results.

Breast Surgical Procedures That Deliver Exceptional Results

We offer breast augmentation with implants, breast reconstruction, breast reduction, and breast lift at our Newport Beach location.

Dr. Ashraf is a double board-certified plastic surgeon, based in Newport Beach (California), committed to delivering the best outcome to her patients. Her primary goal is to ensure the patient’s safety and help achieve natural-appearing results. Dr. Ashraf, one of the best and most reliable breast surgeons, is known for delivering exceptional results for a wide range of procedures such as breast reduction, breast augmentation (with implants), breast reduction, and breast lift. Breast procedures are the hallmark of Dr. Azra Ashraf’s practice in Newport Beach (California).

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