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Hair Transplant

Debunking Seven Major Myths about Hair Transplantation Surgery

May 12, 2020

Hair transplantation is an extremely popular plastic surgery that removes the hair follicles from the fuller part of the scalp, called the donor site, and inserts them into the balding part of the scalp, called the recipient site.

A large number of individuals suffering from hair loss thought of giving hair transplantation a try. Only a handful of them, however, actually had the courage to get it done. The reason is quite simple, the facts are not common, and the myths are quite prevalent.

  1. Somebody Else’s Hair is Used in Hair Transplantation

The definition of hair transplantation is given right in the beginning of this discussion. It quite clearly implies that your own hair follicles are shifted, and not anybody else’s. You must possess healthy hair follicles for enjoying an optimal outcome.

  • Hair Transplantation is Painful

Surgical procedures are bound to be painful but hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, so, you would feel absolutely nothing. You can go home on the same but following a few post-operative instructions becomes mandatory.

  • The Result of Hair Transplantation Looks Unnatural

A proficient and experienced professional detects the position of single, double, and triple follicles along with the angle of hair so that it appears natural. Your transplanted hair will grow, and you can cut or style them in a seamless manner.

  • Hair Transplantation Assures Immediate Result

You need to be immensely patient because you would not see improvements right away. A few tweaks are visible after 3 to 4 months, and for the final result, you must wait more or less a year.

  • The Transplanted Hair does not Fall Off

According to popular belief, the transplanted hairs grow for a certain period, and then fall off. However, in reality, the brand-new hairs last a lifetime. They do fall after three weeks but start coming back, 10% each month.

  • Hair Transplantation Affect the Brain

In hair transplantation, the needles are penetrated deep below the surface level, also known as dermis of the skin, but it does not come in contact with the brain.  It is an extremely safe procedure, so, stop worrying.

  • Hair Transplantation Must Be Done at the Initial Phase of Hair Loss

This is outright preposterous. It is impossible to determine if you have lost enough hair to undertake a treatment. In the initial phase, even a professional would not be able to tell you which part of the scalp requires restoration. So, you can opt for hair transplantation whenever you wish. Just make sure you have still a few hair follicles left.

Now that the doubts are all cleared, it is time to get those hairs transplanted. The individuals must appoint a board-certified practitioner, who keeps pace with the latest trends, adhere to internationally recognised hygiene standards, and charge reasonably.

Being aware of the aftercare is also quite essential. Avoid strenuous workout sessions, direct sunlight, saunas, and sexual intercourse for at least a week. Always keep the head in an elevated position. This will reduce swelling to a great extent.

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