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Debunking the Five Myths about Neck and Facelifts

December 1, 2021

Though neck and facelift are one of the most sought-after cosmetic treatments in several parts of the world, there is enough confusion about what they entail and what patients who plan on undertaking them must expect.

The following write-up tries to clear up the most persistent misconceptions and myths so you may understand why a larger segment of the population considers opting for neck and facelift in 2021.

Myth 1 – Neck and Facelifts are for Older Patients Only

According to the best plastic surgeon in Chevy Chase, age is not a factor that determines whether or not you are ready for neck and facelifts. Yes, the muscles and skin of the face and neck will loosen when you grow old and cosmetic treatment can fix this, but there is no perfect age.

If even the earliest signs of aging are hampering your self-confidence, you must book a consultation and check out the available options. In most cases, neck and facelift can pave way for age-defying effects for the younger patients.

Myth 2 – Recovery is Lengthy

Yes, you must plan downtime after neck and facelift, but in almost all cases, you can resume your day-to-day activities after ten to twelve weeks. To debunk another major misconception, you will experience minimal discomfort if the neck and facelift is done well.

The surgeons prescribe medications so you can manage common side-effects such as pain, inflammation, and bruising. When recovering, please avoid strenuous exercises and keep your head in an elevated position while you sleep.

Myth 3 – Only Women Can Opt for Neck and Facelift

The experts offering neck lift Fairfax VA said women and men equally experience aging problems, which is why people of all gender identities can benefit from neck and facelifts. There is thankfully no longer any stigma attached to opting for cosmetic treatments to enhance your appearance. If your saggy face and neck are preventing you from feeling confident, you must do whatever it takes to fix them.

Myth 4 – The Result is Permanent

Neck and facelifts can improve the way you look. You feel more young and rejuvenated but you can eliminate the aging process. Your skin will age, which means you will get wrinkles, fine lines, sagginess, etc. down the road. However, a neck and facelift will provide you a head start on battling these signs by strengthening your jowls and tightening your skin. You can relish the rests for a maximum six years, and you can prolong that duration by practicing proper skincare.

Myth 5 – Neck and Facelift are Expensive

The cost of neck and facelift is less than you probably imagined and within your budget. While your health insurance might not be able help, many surgeons offer financing options to make these procedures affordable. And, remember, an investment that can change your quality of life for better is not a bad investment.

Are you ready to reverse that clock? If you wish to relish the amazing benefits of neck and facelift, please schedule an appointment with a board-certified practitioner right now. The best ones not only customize the treatments as per your requirements and expectations but also charge as reasonably as possible. They use advanced technology to assure natural-looking outcomes.

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