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Debunking the Five Myths Associated with Breast Reconstruction

October 5, 2021

The top-notch plastic surgeons utilize breast implants to create reconstructed breasts after mastectomy – the procedure that aims to eliminate the natural tissues or cancerous tumors. Now there are plenty misconceptions about breast reconstruction and the following write-will clarify most of them.

1.Breast Reconstruction is One-and-Done

According to a renowned breast surgeon Fairfax, it will take several surgeries to reach the point where you can achieve the appearance you want.

The surgeon will reconstruct the breast by evaluating the muscles in your chest, and moving them directly beneath the skin. Then he/she places an implant. You have to go through a wide range of expansions to stretch the skin and create a pocket. The last session is about nipple reconstruction where the surgeon builds new nipples using tissues from the donor skin or your own body.

2. The implant is in a Lifelong Device

All the implants will break eventually. In other words, they have a finite lifespan of ten to fifteen years.

The rupture rates are about one percent each year. Since women may not always see or feel when the rupture, a MRI will be necessary after every couple of years to observe any indication of trouble.

It is imperative to adhere to your plastic surgeon’s instructions. Other than ruptures, there can be various other complications such as capsular contracture, infection, or even rare lymphomas.

3. Breast Reconstruction Makes it Difficult to Detect Breast Cancer

The professionals performing breast reconstruction Fairfax VA said there is no research proving reconstruction of any sort will hinder cancer detection. The patients have to go constantly undergo monitoring for the rest of their lives although they have had mastectomy.

Reconstruction would never trump what is required for breast cancer treatment. You must not delay. Your chief objective is to treat the cancer and any cosmetic surgery cannot take precedence over surgery for breast cancer.

4. Not all Women are Candidates for Reconstruction

Regardless of the point you are at during the course of the mastectomy, almost all women are still candidates for reconstruction.

Even when you are ready for breast reconstruction, you must meet with a reputed plastic surgeon to evaluate the options available. It can be done at the same time as mastectomy or delayed later. And if you get mastectomy, it will be covered by your insurance.

5. Implants are the only Choice for Breast Reconstruction

Although most women qualify for implants, other strategies still exist. An option other than implants is extracting tissues from other body parts such as back, abdomen, thigh, hip, and buttocks and using those tissues to create new breasts.

The options for reconstruction are also quite different. Each has different healing times, duration, and outcomes. The patients must discuss which may be the best option.

To get breast reconstruction done, please schedule an appointment with someone board-certified. Owing to assuring quality along with affordability, the plastic surgeon Fairfax VA has acquired widespread popularity. They also provide other breast surgeries such as augmentation mammoplasty, lifts, and reduction.

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