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Do You Need a Breast Reduction? 7 Signs to Consider

June 30, 2020

Rhinoplasty changes the size and the shape of the nose so that it looks visually appealing and functions without any sort of hassle. It provides utmost relief from breathing problems and acquired as well as congenital deformities.

Apart from scheduling an appointment with a board-certified surgeon, who assures an optimal outcome for an affordable price, the prospective patients must also implement a few dos and don’ts before undertaking the said cosmetic treatment. Please check them out right now.


  • Stock Medications

Stock the medications you usually take, such as sleeping pills, antibiotics, and painkillers. Catch hold of the supplies required for a cold compress that will alleviate inflammation post-surgery. Fill the refrigerator with easy-to-make meals because you would not be able to prepare elaborate dishes.

  • Maintain a Balanced Diet

Maintaining a balanced diet is necessary both before and after rhinoplasty. Increase the intake of fibrous foods because they help in digestion and prevent constipation that occurs due to drugs and anesthetics. Drink substantial amounts of water to keep the skin around the nose moist.

  • Apply for Leave

If you are working, do apply for a leave for a few weeks, at least. This is because you have to rest and limit movement as much as possible. You can return to office after the sutures, and the cast has been removed, or in other words, after the operated area is healed completely.

  • Arrange Means of Transportation and Reliable Caretaker

You must arrange someone who will be able to take care of the domestic chores and your child and pet (if any). Also, ask any of your family members or friends to drive you on the day of the surgery.

  • Get Done with Major Tasks

If you have to repair a section of your home urgently, attend some significant professional or social events, or dedicate time to your health, make sure to complete them before rhinoplasty. Book the session at the time most convenient to you.


  • Be Stressed and Treasure Doubts

If you are stressed, the surgery will automatically become more complicated. Clear your doubts by talking to the surgeon. Be aware of the advantages and the risks of rhinoplasty to keep last-minute surprises and disappointments at bay.

  • Smoke or Drink

Do not smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol because both of them change the blood flow. This interferes with the recovery process to a great extent. Cut back on these habits at least two weeks before the surgery and do so after the surgery as well.

  • Apply Makeup

On the day of the treatment, do not apply any makeup. After waking up, wash your face thoroughly to get rid of the debris, natural oils, and germs that may have accumulated overnight.

  • Hit the Gym

While walking and doing minor tasks are fine, you must not hit the gym. Indulging in rigorous workout sessions exhausts you so much so that you fail to endure the surgery.

  • Consume Blood Thinning Medications

Stay away from aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin E supplements, etc. because they increase the chances of bleeding and cause unnecessary complications.

In addition to getting ready, it is also necessary to be aware of what rhinoplasty entails. Administering general or local anesthesia is mandatory. In case of the former, the patient will sleep throughout the treatment, and for the latter, the nose will feel numb; thus, he or she will experience little to no discomfort. The surgeon makes two small cuts inside the nostrils and then carefully reshapes the tissues and the cartilage bone. Swelling is a common side-effect that lasts for two weeks or so.

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