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Everything You Need to Know About Botox Dosage

January 13, 2022

The fight against wrinkles has lasted since time immemorial. Before surgical facelifts, people invested in potions and powders, stretched their faces with tape and thread, and even used acid to eliminate the telltale signs of aging.

When the FDA approved Botox for cosmetic usage in 2002, it changed the anti-aging market forever. Since then, almost ten million individuals have been looking for a licensed provider to inject the drug into their facial muscles and erase existing wrinkles.

Capitalizing on the cultural pressure for women’s faces and bodies to stay attractive forever, the Botox manufacturer promoted the product to typical middle-aged women. It did pay off – over 90% of users are women. Almost 55% are between the ages of 40 and 50.

Reacting to the advice of multiple dermatologists who preach prevention, the young women are also lately depending on Botox as a deterrent, expecting that it will stop the development of creases, wrinkles, fine lines, etc., down the road.

The following write-up provides information regarding Botox dosage. Please check it out right now.

Botox Dosage as per the Treatment Area

Several factors influence Botox dosage, but it all comes down to the strength and size of the muscles.

• According to Botox Alexandria VA experts, the glabella or frown line muscles are usually strong and can have differing lengths. Twenty units is the adequate dose for most people. However, if the muscle is abnormally long, 20 units would not be enough to assure optimal results.

Underdosing frown lines can force the muscles to constantly work, which paves the way for noticeable bulges.

• Lateral canthal lines, also known as crow’s feet, are easy to access and can be treated with 12 units. The patients often seek treatment for crow’s feet that have migrated from the corner of their eyes down to their cheeks. They make the smile lines immensely strong, so be careful.

• The forehead has the most variation in terms of dosage. The frontalis, also known as the forehead muscle, creates the peskiest horizontal wrinkles. They are shaped like seashells and extend up to the scalp. The frontalis also elevates the eyebrows while contradicting the glabella’s depressor action. Now you know why a good medical practitioner cannot inject the forehead without injecting the frown line muscles.

If you can knock out the forehead muscle’s ability to lift, you will end up with hooded eyes and heavy brows, which is not a great look. Patients can benefit from as many as 40 units and as little as four units in their foreheads. They are happiest when the dose smooths the lines, allows the eyes to appear visually appealing, and lasts for four months.

The best plastic surgeon in Fairfax Virginia, said Botox is an expensive investment. Although people wish to be budget-conscious, they must remember that under-dosing can lead to inferior clinical outcomes. You will come back if you negotiate with doses because it will ‘wear off quickly’ or ‘never work’. Don’t have money? Treat one area with the right dosage every three months.

Botox dosage is tailored to your aesthetic goals. An experienced and knowledgeable injector can determine the appropriate dose. Proper dosage will pave the way for a youthful and natural look.

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