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Avail Facial Plastic Surgery to Look Good & Feel Confident

Facial expressions allow us to communicate and interact with each other. Hence our facial appearance has a significant impact on how others perceive us. Some people only like to improve certain parts of their face, whereas others are born with facial abnormalities and want to treat their congenital disabilities to get an aesthetically pleasing facial appearance.
Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azra Ashraf has significant experience in treating and correcting various conditions, such as the effects of aging, birthmark, facial trauma, and sun damage. She offers a variety of facial procedures which enhance facial appearance and confidence.

The Procedures

For those who are looking to enhance or rejuvenate their facial appearance, procedures such as facelifts, neck lifts, peels, and blepharoplasty may be the answer. Panache Plastic Surgery offers the full spectrum of cosmetic age-reversing solutions, including surgical and non-surgical procedures throughout Southern California.


Through neck lift, Dr. Ashraf removes the excess skin and fat around the jawline of her patients. In this way, she creates a more defined neck. If you seek to reverse the signs of aging and achieve a youthful-looking neck, you should consider a consultation with Dr. Ashraf for facial plastic surgery.


In addition, she also offers otoplasty, which is the process of reshaping the outer ear, known as the pinna. Through this process, she corrects the deformities and improves a person’s facial appearance.


Dr. Azra Ashraf also helps people with droopy eyelids. She accomplishes this by removing the excess skin and fat around the eyelids. In medical terms, the process is known as blepharoplasty. Droopy eyelids, in certain cases, can also reduce peripheral vision. Patients with this visual impairment should consider a consultation to address their visual problems while enhancing the youthful appearance of their eyes.


Dr, Ashraf offers rhinoplasty. This is a surgical process to reshape the nose. The upper section of a nose is made of bone, and the lower section is cartilage. During the surgical process, the surgeon can remodel the cartilage, skin and bone to help her patients to achieve the desired shape of their nose. Rhinoplasty combined with septoplasty can improve functional breathing as well.


Dr. Ashraf also offers chin augmentation. During this procedure, she uses the underlying structure and places an implant to improve facial harmony.


In addition to surgical procedures, Dr Ashraf also offers injectable filler. This cosmetic in-office procedure is intended to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines. Through this non-surgical procedure, she helps patients to get a youthful look. She offers this at her offices to her patients throughout Southern California.


Dr. Ashraf also offers eyebrow restoration. This procedure aims to reposition the eyebrow. She repositions the eyebrow according to to achieve the desired arch of her clients or to correct the descent. She offers these procedures throughout Southern California, and her results are reliable and exceptional.

What to Expect

Most facial plastic surgeries don’t require a hospital stay. During your consultation and pre-op Dr. Ashraf will discuss expected results, surgical details and post-op management.


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