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Financial anxiety should be the last thing on your mind when planning for cosmetic surgery. That said, we know that both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures can be costly and are not covered by general health insurance plans. Also, most HSA (Health Savings Account) programs do not cover cosmetic procedures unless there is a proven medical need.


We want to protect you from predatory financing agencies and high interest credit card debt as best we can. While Panache Plastic Surgery does not offer in-house financing, we partner with two reputable cosmetic surgery financing companies—PatientFi and Alphaeon. We have collaborated with both companies to develop financing options that will limit long-term financial impact on our patients.

  • Soft credit check only so that your credit score is not affected
  • Payment plans for an extensive range of credit scores
  • Interest-free options for those who qualify
  • Quick pre-qualification screening


Please click on either button below to see if you pre-qualify. If you are seriously considering a procedure, we suggest doing this immediately following your initial consultation with Dr. Ashraf. This will give you a better timeline on when to plan your procedure with us.

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