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Get Rid of Droopy Eyelids with Six Best Home Remedies

August 29, 2020

Droopy eyelid is perhaps the most common side-effect of aging. Officially known as ptosis, apart from forcing you to look exhausted always, it can obstruct the vision to a great extent. The doctor recommends surgery if the condition is serious. He or she also at times specifies any of the below-mentioned home remedies, which are known to do wonders. Please check them out right now.

1.You may exercise to stretch the eyelids. This trick is helpful when ptosis happens because you are growing old or have accidentally damaged the tissue responsible for lowering and raising the eyelids. Squeeze the eyes shut. Place a finger at the base of eyelid and try to open the eye. You must also elevate your brows for ten times at least every day.

2. The experts offering cosmetic treatments like neck lift Fairfax VA emphasized the significance of diet. Certain carotenoids, especially the beta-carotene, contribute to eye health. So, consume red peppers, papayas, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, and practically any brightly coloured fruit or vegetable. Drink enough water to flush the toxins, which otherwise tend to accumulate around the eyes.

3. Teabag is perhaps the best solution for droopy eyelids. Soak chamomile tea bags in hot water, and then let them acquire the room temperature. Now place the tea bags on the top of your eyes, and leave them there for fifteen minutes or so. This reduces inflammation. Chamomile or any tea for that matter contains phytochemicals, which successfully fights eye disorders.

4. Excessive reliance on computers and mobiles has increased the cases of ptosis. In order to read an article or watch a video on the screen, you squint your eyes and harm it permanently. Using gadgets in low light also compels you to take a step towards droopy eyelids. On the weekends, try to stay away from your computer and cell phone, and rest your eyes.

5. Olive oil treasures abundant antioxidants that resolve the problem of droopy eyelids. Heat the oil a little and massage the eyes gently with it. Make sure not to rub aggressively otherwise you may pave the formation of wrinkles. At present, almost all serums, creams, lotions, and moisturizers contain olive oil. So, purchase any from your local store.

6. In addition to aging, the droopy eyelid may also occur due to dehydration. While you should drink plenty of water as specified earlier, you can use cucumbers to nourish the skin around the eyes. Slice a fresh cucumber and place the eyes on top of your eyes. Owing to having potassium, it can also control blinking. Now that is amazing.

You can also inject collagen that rejuvenates the skin in absolutely no time.

If the remedies stated above do not generate a desirable outcome, please consider opting for eyelid surgery in Fairfax VA or any other noted location. Also called blepharoplasty, it removes the additional fat deposits and reinforces existing muscular tissues. You must schedule an appointment with a board-certified practitioner, who adheres to safety protocols while charging as reasonably as possible.

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