How to Recover Quickly Post Blepharoplasty: A Beginner’s Guide

One morning, you look casually in the mirror while brushing your teeth, and realize you look extremely old. But you are not even 35! You decide to pay a bit more attention. Haven’t your eyelids drooped down? Aren’t those fats beneath your eyes?

Reversing this situation is only possible through blepharoplasty. Besides scheduling an appointment with a board-certified practitioner, you can hold onto the final outcome if you implement the below-mentioned aftercare tips.

Prepare for the Recovery

Most of the individuals can get back to the day-to-day activities in about ten days after the eyelid surgery. You should be patient since the skin around the eyes may take more time than that to heal. You can speed up the recovery by covering all of the primary responsibilities ahead of time.

Whether you have to stock the kitchen with readymade meals or ask a relative to take care of your kids and pets, it is necessary to clear the schedule so you can concentrate on resting.

Follow the Aftercare Tips

According to the experts providing cosmetic surgery Rockville said a few basics for aftercare include eye drops to prevent eyes from drying, cold compresses to alleviate inflammation, and a medicated ointment to keep the eyes lubricated. You will also require gauze. If the incision oozes when it heals, you can dab using disinfected gauze. Don’t rub!

• Sun Protection

You cannot neglect this step. Protect the eyes from direct sun exposure and strong wind. It will be better if you stay home. But if going outside is mandatory, please put on dark sunglasses with frames that cover the eyes from all the sides. Wear a hat for additional protection.

• Relax

Do not read books, check emails, surf Internet, or watch television shows and movies for at least two weeks after eyelid surgery. These activities are known for drying the eyes out, and that is something you must avoid if you wish to recover within a short period.

• Skip Strenuous Exercises

During the first couple of weeks post blepharoplasty, it is essential to stay away from strenuous exercises that escalate the blood flow to the eyes. This means you have to avoid culprits like aerobics, jogging, sports, etc.

You should be mindful about the daily activities specifically the ones that pressurizes the head and force a large amount of blood into the eyes. Bending, lying flat, and lifting heavy objects are major ones among the lot.

• Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes affect healing the most. It slows down the healing and increases the chances of infection. You must avoid the issues if you agree to stop smoking at least four weeks before and four weeks after the surgery.

• Sleep Well

Sleeping well will enable the body as well as the eyes to heal. In fact, sleeping for at least eight to nine hours at night is one of the optimal ways to accelerate recovery. Plan taking naps and do not push yourself to move.

The aftercare tips above may seem challenging. If you have any doubt, you must talk to the appointed practitioner. The ones performing eyelid surgery Fairfax VA are considered best because they assure quality along with affordability.

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