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Breast Reduction

Know the 8 Interesting Facts about Breast Reduction Surgery

September 8, 2020

No matter what the popular belief is, having large breasts is not always a blessing. Carrying a couple of extra pounds causes a wide range of problems, starting from neck and back pain to shoulder grooving and skin rashes. If you wish to have breasts in proportion to your body, please opt for a reduction mammoplasty without any hesitation. Mentioned below are facts to know before you schedule an appointment.

1. The experts performing breast reduction in Chevy Chase said there is no definite threshold for cup size, or in other words, practically anyone can benefit from it. Breast reductions are ideal for women whose breasts have sagged or whose breasts prevent them from exercising.

2. Although it does seem daunting, in actuality, breast reduction is not intense or time-consuming. You are allowed to go home the day you get admitted unless there are complications. The recovery is also not bad since everything is done beneath the skin, and the stitches are dissolvable.

3. Breast reduction is not only about removing the additional fat and tissues. It involves lifting the breasts so that they look visually appealing. After the surgeon extracts out whatever was contributing to the huge size, your breasts will droop, so a lift becomes mandatory.

4. It seems exciting to be able to choose a brand-new cup size, but breast reduction does not work that way. It helps the surgeon to know what breast size you desire, but you can never decide on the postoperative cup size before going under the knife. Every lingerie brand makes the cup differently, and the cup also depends on the shape of your body.

5. The best plastic surgeons in Fairfax VA said even though it does sound a tad strange, but breast reduction is not just for new mothers or older women. The minors who are suffering from problems due to large breasts can also undertake it. Remember, age does not matter, but health does.

6. Breast reduction does not hamper your breastfeeding capability, but a few women failed to feed their babies because of the scar tissue, which is a side-effect. In certain cases, the nipples are relocated, which prevents you from breastfeeding. But, remember, these situations are quite rare.

7. A large number of women go for breast reduction because their breasts are asymmetrical. However, this surgery does not guarantee cent percent symmetry. Of course, it will alleviate the size, make the breasts more aesthetic, but if you think both of your breasts will mirror each other, get ready to be disappointed.

8. Finally, yet importantly, several studies have shown that breast reduction alleviates the chances of breast cancer to a great extent. This is because the treatment removes most of the tissues that have a chance of becoming malignant over time. Now that is great.

The experts offering breast reduction and breast augmentation in Rockville MD said the former has the highest client satisfaction rate. Women from all across the globe admitted feeling happy after the surgery because the discomfort associated with an abnormally huge bosom disappears almost instantly. They also feel confident because their appearance is no longer a source of humiliation.

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