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Six Common Questions to Ask About Breast Reconstruction Surgery

December 16, 2021
Breast Reduction Surgery

Many questions and concerns would run through your mind when you decide on undertaking breast reconstruction. How long will the procedure last? What will my new breasts look like? Will I experience unbearable pain? No matter how much you prepared for the surgery, you will have doubts in the weeks that follow, and you must clear them before leaving the clinic.

Can I shower and exercise?

According to a well-known plastic surgeon in Fairfax VA, the patients are usually encouraged to shower 48 hours after the procedure with lukewarm, soapy water. Do not worry if the water comes in contact with the drains or incisions.

Wait until three months to do strength/resistance training. You can indulge in light exercises such as jogs, stretches, short jumps, etc. These enhance blood circulation and contribute to healing. Stop immediately if you feel tightness or pain in the chest.

How to Fade the Scars?

It may take at least one year for the tissues to heal fully and the scars to fade. That being said, the scars never disappear completely. Although several products like topical silicone gels and Vitamin E oils are marketed as tools to help the scars disappear, none was scientifically proven successful.

Is Massage Beneficial?

Massaging can help enhance the overall appearance of scars or break down the deeper scars in the chest wall and soft tissues that cause pain or problems with the motion range. Wait until after the incisions have dried. But when surgeons use expanders or shaded implants, they do not recommend massages.

How Long the Drains Stay in Place?

The professionals performing breast reconstruction Fairfax VA said drains are tiny tubes placed within the incision that, with time, remove extra fluids. Drains are generally used in all kinds of reconstruction surgeries, but many factors go into determining how many drains will be used and when they will be removed.

Can I Wear Normal Bra Afterward?

Whether or not you put on a surgical bra after the procedure depends on the type of procedure and the surgeon’s preferences. Many patients admitted benefiting from wearing compression bra 24/7 for the first six weeks, but a few will be advised against it. Underwire bras or bras that do not offer enough support are not recommended in the first month after breast reconstruction.

When does the Numbness Go Away?

After many years, a little bit of feeling will return, but patients cannot expect the reconstructed breasts to have full sensation. Some numbness will persist even years later. Breast reconstruction causes both physical and emotional changes.

Give yourself time to accept your new breasts since they look nothing like your old ones. Talk to women who have gone through the same experience. Talk to the surgeon if you notice suspicious symptoms.

Your surgeon would go over every detail beforehand. You will, however, be stressed and taking in varied kinds of information simultaneously at that time. In addition, most of the recommendations vary from one patient to another and depend on the kind of technique used. The questions listed above are generic and help you know what to do or what to expect post-surgery.

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