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Stop Your Breasts from Sagging with Five Good Habits

May 13, 2021
Breast Reduction Surgery

Your breasts, unfortunately, do not remain perky when you grow old. The skin encompassing the breasts starts losing their elasticity, and the tissues surrender to gravity. Hormonal changes, childbirth, fluctuations in body weight can also be held equally responsible.

While surgery seems like the only way to permanently lift and tighten the breasts, maintaining a decent lifestyle – eating well, exercising daily, cutting back on smoking, etc. – can stop the breasts from sagging and help them retain their youthful appearance for years.

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First, Let’s Understand the Composition of Breasts

The experts performing breast lift Fairfax said breasts consist of mainly fatty tissues along with connective tissues and glands. The skin and the ligaments act as the support system, but, over time, they stretch, result in drooping, and become wrinkled.

Ligaments can never be shortened once they are stretched, and even though it is possible to fix some of the skin damage with creams and other types of topical treatments, they are temporary and not enough to keep the breasts lifted for a prolonged period.

Habits to Follow

To prevent the breasts from drooping in the first place, you must adhere to the below-mentioned healthy habits under all circumstances.

Exercise Everyday

While the ligaments, fats, glands, and skin cannot be toned through exercises, the muscles that lie beneath the breasts, known as the pectorals, can be strengthened without any hassle. This assures a lifted outlook to a great extent. Free-weight presses, pushups, and flies are the best exercises for building the chest muscles.

You must also do some work out for your shoulders and back through overhead presses, rows, lateral and front raises, etc. Having strong shoulder and back muscles improves the posture and makes the breasts appear perky.

Eat a Balanced Diet

A renowned breast surgeon Fairfax said controlling weight can enable you to keep further damages to the breast tissues caused by gaining and losing pounds at bay.

If you are underweight, consume calorie and nutrient-rich foods such as nuts and avocados. They fill in the loose skin and restore the volume that the breasts have lost. If you are overweight, shedding too many pounds within a short period can make the already saggy breasts look bad. Try to reach the ideal weigh so that skin regains its tautness seamlessly.

Lastly, your daily diet must have 64 ounces of water or more. Water, after all, triggers skin elasticity.

Sleep on the Back

Always sleep on your back because pressing your breasts against the mattress can inflict irreversible damages. The side is not any good either as in this particular position, the ligaments stretch much more, unless, of course, you have propped a pillow under.

Wear Bra Always

According to some researches, wearing a bra can always weaken the chest muscles and force the breast to droop. Other medical professionals, however, found out that bras stop premature sagging by holding the breasts in place. It is better to wear a well-fitted bra during the daytime. Choosing the wrong size can drastically impact the appearance of the breasts.

Say Goodbye to Smoking

There is a wide range of reasons to quit smoking, besides for the sake of your breasts. The cigarettes dwindle and age the skin by alleviates the flow of blood to the skin surface. If you are a chain-smoker, it is time to stop now.

The aforementioned habits can prevent saggy breasts, but in case your breasts have already succumbed to the ravages of time, consider going under the knife. A renowned plastic surgeon Alexandria VA said breast lift or mastopexy removes excess skin and reshapes the tissues to elevate the breasts.

You will notice a change in the shape, size, and texture of the breasts right after the procedure, although the final result takes a couple of months. Avoid lifting heavy objects, put on a soft bra for at least three weeks, and resume activities such as washing hair, bathing, or showering only after your doctor says so.

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