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Thigh Lift

Reshape your hips to get smoother skin and beautiful contours in the lower body.


A thigh lift, or thighplasty, reshapes the thigh area by removing excess fat and skin.


Patients who seek out thighplasty often have not achieved their personal goals through diet or exercise alone. Characteristics of the ideal candidate include:


  • Good general health
  • Excess skin in the thigh area
  • Loss of thigh skin elasticity
  • Weakened thigh muscles
  • Understanding that this is a body contouring and not weight loss procedure


This is an outpatient procedure requiring general anesthesia. There are a few types of thighplasty characterized by the incision pattern. Incision types are based on patient and surgeon preference and the size and degree of correction needed.


Inner thigh lifts involve incisions in the groin area that may extend out behind the thigh or behind toward the knee. If the patient requires contouring of the outer thigh, an outer thigh lift will be performed. This incision often extends from the groin and then upwards around the hip. Medial thigh lifts target the excess skin and fat located in the lower portion of the inner thigh.


Dr. Ashraf strategically places the incisions where they can be easily hidden in clothing. She meticulously closes the skin incisions with sutures. Patients often experience smoother and tighter contouring immediately after surgery.


Note that liposuction can be used by itself if skin elasticity is good. Dr. Ashraf will assess this during the consultation.


Dr. Ashraf provides detailed post-operative checklists to her surgical patients. Generally, she recommends her patients do the following:


  • Plan to take at least one week off from work or regular routine for recovery. No heavy lifting or swimming for at least 6 weeks following surgery.


  • Prioritize weekly follow-up appointments 4-6 weeks after surgery. Post-surgical follow-up appointments are critical.


  • Patients are prescribed pain medications, though most patients are off these medications after 1 week.


  • Give scars time to heal. Scars continue to fade up to 1 year (and sometimes 2 years) after surgery.


We love patients who do their homework! Here are a few trustworthy resources on the thighplasty:


  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is an excellent resource. Click here for information for information about thigh lifts.


  • Plastic surgeon, Dr. Regina Nouhan, hosts a bi-monthly podcast, Plastic Surgery Decoded, to help patients learn about procedures. Click here to hear an episode on the thighplasty and other types of body contouring.

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