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Understanding Breast Asymmetry & How Breast Augmentation Cures It

July 6, 2021

Breast asymmetry is a cause of concern in larger segments of women, often negatively impacting their self-confidence and the clothes they put on. Although it is fine to have breasts that are a tad different in size and shape, some women’s breasts are excessively asymmetric so much so that they cannot even find a brassiere that fits.

According to recent studies, about 50% women expressed distress over their uneven breasts. Fortunately, there is a way to address this situation – plastic surgery. Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty improves the appearance of the breasts and correct the asymmetry by inserting implants under the chest muscle.

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What Causes Breast Asymmetry?

The experts performing cosmetic surgery in Fairfax VA said understanding the anatomy of the breasts may shed light on the breast asymmetry. Breast shape is determined by ligaments and connective tissues found inside the breast lobe. Changes in the dimension of the lobes and plenty other factors can impact the connective tissues leading to an asymmetrical appearance.

Breast asymmetry means having a breast that is different in position, size, form, and volume from the other. Puberty, trauma, and hormones can affect the shape as well as volume. Pregnancy and ovulation are also held responsible. Not all cases are that common.

Juvenile hypertrophy is a rare condition that compels one breast of young girls to grow noticeably larger than another. The young girls suffer from mental agony and become a subject of humiliation. They face challenges while doing the simplest of tasks such as running on the treadmill or shopping for outfits.

A Brief Note on Breast Augmentation

The surgeons providing breast augmentation Fairfax VA said there are many kinds of implants found in the market, and all of them can increase the size of the breasts or allow them to have an aesthetically appealing shape.

Silicone implants are known for feeling and looking natural. This is because silicone implants are made of silicone gel – a thick sticky fluid that bears close resemblance to the breast tissues. That being said, because of the structure of the implant, a patient needs to go through larger incisions, which leave behind larger scars and take longer to heal.

Saline implants are ideal if you wish to alleviate the appearance of the scars because only a small incision is needed. Saline implants are filled with saltwater, and are found for women who are quite young – as young as 18 years old. When these implants rupture, they have a telltale sign. The concerned breast will deflate but there will be no other side-effect.

Gummy bear or cohesive gel implants have impressed several women since they are soft to touch and can successfully retain their shape even under the direst circumstances – breakage or shell rupture.

According to a reputed breast surgeon Rockville MD, breast augmentation is not the only treatment that works for women having uneven breasts. Two amazing alternatives are breast lift and breast reduction.

No matter what surgical procedure you choose to have symmetrical breasts, make sure to rely on a board-certified practitioner. You can benefit from someone who is proficient, experienced, credible, knowledgeable, and capable of customizing treatments as per patient expectations.

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