Why Preventing Weight Loss After Brazilian Butt Lift Necessary?

At present, Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. The people who have failed to build a shapely bottom through rigorous workout sessions, who are suffering from saggy tissues after abnormal weight loss, or who are just genetically susceptible to flat, small buttocks are considered great candidates for BBL. The benefits include outcomes that feel as well as look natural with little scars.

Women are capable of completely reinventing their physiques with this multi-layered approach to fat transfer and liposuction. Removing fat from the areas where it is undesired like the thighs, abdomen, back, and flanks mean the patients can create a curvy volume in the buttocks. They can also narrow down the waistline and enhance contours in several areas simultaneously for a phenomenal transformation.

Planning the Surgery

According to the experts performing Brazilian butt lift Rockville, a common query people have about this surgery is whether weight fluctuations will negatively impact the final effects post recovery.

You and your surgeon will want you to know what your fat distribution and typical weight when planning the procedure. If you are actively dieting at the time of BBL, the body will be melting off its fat stores, and cannot unfortunately heal itself.

For the first six weeks, swelling and pain will subside, and the donor fat cells that have been grafted will not be properly established and thriving.

Keep Weight Loss at Bay

It is suggested that you maintain a stable and healthy weight and do not eat too much. It will take approximately three to six months to see the final effects and up to a year for the fat cells to establish proper blood supply and acquire permanency.

The best thing about Brazilian butt lift is that transferred fat is actually living tissue which will look, behave, and feel as regular fat cells. Substantial weight changes will impact the size. After complete healing, the grafted fat will expand when you gain weight.

It is best to keep weight loss at bay especially when the transferred fat is fragile. In case you have some excess weight that you would wish to shed, please contact a plastic surgeon about the best timing.

Weight Loss Post BBL

According to a well-known plastic surgeon Rockville MD, once the injected fat has acquired blood supply and becomes live after one year, the result would last for many years. The transferred fat would act like the other fat cells present in your body. If you happen to lose the weight, the effects would start spreading. As the butt loses volume, it will drastically affect outcomes.

Weight gain, on the other hand, will make the fat cells in the body increase to a great extent, including the transferred fat. This happens when the calories turn into fat that is stored inside the cells.

Now that you are aware how exactly weight loss can affect Brazilian butt lift, make sure to be as careful as possible. If you somehow fail in retaining the desirable body mass index, and want to restore the result within a short period, please immediately contact your surgeon.

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