Common Questions that Women Ask About Recovering from Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is a modern-day cosmetic surgery that eliminates dropping labia minora (also known as inner vaginal lips). The presence of additional tissue in the labia minora gets difficult for women and causes pain as well as discomfort. Some women also complain about irritation while doing physical activities and feel self-conscious in intimate settings.

After serving for long years in the industry, I have seen a significant rise in the number of women asking for labiaplasty. In most cases, patients tend to have the same questions, mostly about the recovery. Through this post, I have tried answering the most common questions women ask before they get Labiaplasty.

How to Boost the Speed of the Healing Process?

It is best to minimize the extent of physical activity after the surgery and for the initial days also. In case of swelling, try using cold compresses and use cooling pads to get comfort from itching.  I strictly recommend not to use or apply anything on the surgical area until asked. Also, make sure to have follow-up visits at Panache Plastic surgery so that I can better assess your healing.

How Long Will It Take for Swelling and Itching to Subdue?

Swelling and itching are the two common things you might experience during the initial days of recovery. In most cases, the swelling after the surgery gets on the peak around 2-3 days and then subdues in the coming weeks. Itching is very common when someone gets Labiaplasty, and it reaches its peak in the first week.

If the itching persists for more than a week, I recommend coming for a follow-up checkup to check whether there is a bacterial infection or any allergic reaction because of the medication. After a time of 1.5 weeks, the swelling and pain, as well as the swelling, will subdue dramatically.

How Long Will It Take to Resume Daily Life Activities?

In most cases, my patients get back to their regular lifestyle after 2-4 weeks of the surgery. Sometimes, the time might extend to 6-8 hours before they return to normal life and resume the same. In case someone is eager to get back to normal life, it is best to seek advice from the concerned cosmetic surgeon.

Is there Any Scar Post Surgery, and How Does It Look Like?

While performing Labiaplasty, cosmetic surgeons often use dissolvable stitches around the vaginal area and tend to subdue by 3-4 weeks. In most cases, the scar left after the surgery blends very well into the labia minora tissue, which naturally has a wide range of folds and wrinkles.

I personally ensure that the scars are hidden properly so that even your gynaecologist will not notice them. Once the stitches dissolve, the scar tissue will get firm before it gets softer after months of the surgery.

Request a Consultation

The Labiaplasty process is a gratifying and effective form of surgery that delivers long-lasting results. If you think you need the surgery and consider yourself the right candidate, contact me at Panache Plastic SurgeryBook an appointment today and get one-on-one consultation regarding the surgery, results, aftercare, etc.

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