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Everything You Need To Know About Otoplasty

April 24, 2023

Do you have an abnormal ear? Some people have ears bigger or smaller than usual size. If you are unhappy with your ear, you can change its shape and size using modern technology. This blog will focus on the process involved, reasons for choosing Otoplasty and its benefits. Read the full write-up carefully to learn more about the process.

If you have gone through an accident and have a deformed ear, the Otoplasty will help you get perfect ears. For that, you need a professional plastic surgeon that can make you understand the process and get the treatment you need. Without further delay, let’s dive down our topic straight.

What Is An Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that can change the shape of your ear and cure any abnormalities. You need to hire a professional plastic surgeon to get the reshaping process. After a successful surgery, you will get not only a better shape; but it will also help you improve your confidence. Panache Plastic Surgery is a cosmetic and plastic surgery centre where you will get all the desired procedures.

Reasons For Choosing Otoplasty

So, why more and more people are choosing Otoplasty? Here are some possible reasons behind that-

  1. If you have deformed ear lobes, an Otoplasty surgery will help you cure that.
  2. Do you have a small ear? You can increase its size of it with the help of plastic surgery.
  3. Some people don’t have cartilage in their ears. A successful Otoplasty can get you the ideal ear.

These are some of the basic reasons for choosing Otoplasty. Make sure to consult with an expert before getting the perfect treatment.

Different Types Of Otoplasty

Three major types of Otoplasty are available in the market. These are-


Ear Pinning

Small children having pointy ears can get the surgery and pin those ears close to their faces. It will change the way you look and get you an attractive look.

Ear Augmentation

If you want to increase the size of your ear through plastic surgery, you can do that by choosing proper Otoplasty. Look for a professional plastic surgeon to get you all the mentioned treatments.

Ear Reduction

Ear reduction is also possible with the help of technology. During the surgery, the doctor will remove all the extra tissue from your ear and make it look perfect.

Benefits You Will Get

We have so far discussed the basics of Otoplasty and different types of Otoplasty. Now, we will focus on the benefit of the process. Here are some of the changes you will feel after a successful surgery.

  1. If you have pointy ears, it can be solved using Otoplasty. Your face will look more attractive after the surgery.
  2. Professional plastic surgeons will do the job; the process is safe.
  3. The results are permanent. You don’t need to do anything to protect the result.
  4. You will feel more confident once the process is done.

We hope this blog will help you understand the process of Otoplasty and everything related to it. Visit Panache Plastic Surgery and book a consultation to get help.

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